1 week to go :(

We’re officially a week out from the end of SSP, and it feels surreal that everything has gone by so fast. With the over 50 hours spent working on PSets (homework problems), the countless evenings spent trying to debug my Orbit Determination (OD) code, and the chronic sleep deprivation (it’s a big problem), I have hardly had any time to think about the limited number of days left here. 

SSP has undoubtedly been the hardest thing I have ever done, and I have never worked so hard and for so long in my life, yet I cannot recall feeling happier. Despite the grueling workload, I have found time (usually at the expense of my sleep) to enjoy other activities with friends here. In the mornings, I typically go on runs before breakfast with Michelle W. and Anoushka, and at night (and into the early morning), we love playing games like Truth or Dare and Paranoia. With temperatures in the 60s in the morning, running is incredibly pleasant in Colorado, especially compared to what I’m used to in humid Texas summers where temperatures rarely drop below 80 degrees.

Things have felt different this last week, as it has begun to dawn on us that we are near the end. Daily six-hour lectures have been replaced with periods allotted to OD work, with the occasional fun lecture mixed in. Today was different, however. After a fun and uplifting morning spent learning about how the universe will end in Mia’s TA talk (warning: do NOT bring up the big bounce or big slurp theories to her), instead of working in the afternoon, the computer lab was closed and we were banned from working. Happily, I took advantage of the mandatory break and went with Mia and a few others to Pearl Street. We had lunch at The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse (I highly recommend this if you are in the area), and excited at the prospect of a break from the cafeteria food we have lived off at SSP, we all ate way, way too much. Afterwards, we walked around a little more and headed back to campus.

With the OD code being due on Thursday and the final report being due Friday, my stress levels have reached a fever pitch (this is saying a lot at SSP), but I am doing everything I can to make the most of what’s left of the program. Though being away from home so long has not always been easy, SSP has become a home away from home, and I anticipate the day we leave with a sense of dread. But until then, here’s to more runs, (hopefully) less stress, and lots more late-night Truth or Dare games!

This illustrates the general feelings at SSP (created by yours truly)

Me in a go-kart with Dr. Dubson (we survived)

Mia losing confidence in us as we continued to bring up the ‘big slurp’ and ‘big bounce’ theories for how the universe will end

Selfie after a morning run with Matthew Z, Michelle W, and Anoushka

Lunch at Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse


About Me:

Hi! My name is Nathan Seelig, and I am a rising senior at Stratford High School in Houston, Texas. When I’m not grinding away at OD code or PSets, I love running, playing violin, and having endless discussions about politics with Sasha (and driving everyone else crazy in the process).