11:10 pm MST

When will the sky be clear again? I gaze at the clouds, wondering. The night sky has been covered by clouds since we returned from the perfect Dark Sky field trip last Saturday.

At 11 pm, we quickly gathered at the observation deck, hoping to get some qualified pictures. The weather never seemed ideal this week, but it was relatively clear when we began to focus our telescope. However, the clouds occupied the entire sky again within only 10 minutes, not allowing any shine of the stars to leak through.

The weather before observation
Artemis and the clouds

Under the red light of the observation deck, looking at Artemis (our telescope), I began to think about all the events that happened today. 

The double lectures, OD codes, and Psets indeed bring stress to everyone. Luckily, we had a “mandatory fun time” today — the pool party! We enjoyed the indoor diving pool, where perfect dives and strange poses were both performed. The weather also became collaborative, allowing the golden beams of the sunset to record the exciting volleyball and basketball games in the outdoor pool. Although the temperature gradually became freezing, it didn’t stop everyone from having fun.

A lot of things have been going on today, and we are almost halfway through the program. There are moments of joy, but sometimes we might feel cloudy just as the 11:10 pm sky. Nevertheless, please always believe that the sky will eventually clear up, and all the stars will shine for you.


Hey, I’m Elisa. I’m a rising senior from Kang Chiao International School in China. I enjoy performing arts, such as ballet, and sculpturing during my free time. Here at SSP, I got a chance to fully explore my interest in astrophysics, and I can’t wait to continue learning.