The SSP Experience

by Gabriele D.

Are you even at SSP if you don’t stay up till 1am working on psets?

someone, probably

As a kid from an extremely big public school, I thought I had heard just about every backstory anyone could have. SSP, though, could not have proved me more wrong. From the multiple continents that are represented and the countless number of states that people are from, every student here has a unique and interesting backstory.

One of my favorite parts of SSP has been listening to other people’s lives in their home state and school. From people who live across the country and others who go to boarding or private schools, everyone here has different experiences. This has led to a lot of eye opening experiences for me personally and made me realize that I kind of live in my own personal suburban bubble.

Nonetheless, I have never met another group of people as motivated and ambitious as the people here at SSP. To support that, as I am writing this blog post right now, there is a room full of people working on problem sets that aren’t due until next Thursday… on a Sunday night… when we technically don’t have any mandatory work to do. The hard work ethic is definitely a group activity because if one person goes to the computer lab, a slew of others quickly follow. If that doesn’t illustrate the work ethic of students here at SSP, then our lack of sleep certainly will.

Exhaustion is common between SSPers and you can always catch someone sleeping in breaks during class just trying to catch any sleep they can. The 1-3am observation shifts certainly don’t help for those that have them. And if you are one of the lucky few that finish their work early and get to go back to the dorm before the computer lab closes, then you’ll likely go back to the lounge and see a room full of people playing Super Smash Bros very avidly until 1am. Even after that, staying up till the curfew of 2am (and sometimes later) is very common. Those nights are often filled with a lot of delirium (reference last week’s blog post, “The Delirious Zone” for more in depth analysis on delirium at SSP) and constant laughter (see attached image). Even though these nights result in waking at 8:50am for the 9am lecture and barely making it to class, they are always filled with a concerning amount of laughter and jokes. It is only at SSP at 2am that you will find on a white board: integrals, the greek alphabet, poker hands, electric flux, and many other things that only made sense to us at 2am the previous night. These nights are always the most memorable and hopefully ones that I look back fondly on years from now.

About Me:

Hi, my name is Gabriele and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but I live in Weston, Florida. Normally, you can find me hanging out with my friends, playing soccer, or playing saxophone. At SSP though, you will usually find me getting Cosmic Cantina at 1am, playing spikeball, or taking pictures of people asleep in the computer lab.