5 for 35

As we approach the end of the “educational experience of a lifetime”, everyone must face the fact that we all may never see each other again. I’m sure you’ll get enough of the blogs along the lines of “the things I’ll miss most about this program are the people…” and “I’ll never forget this extraordinary experience”. They’re not wrong at all, but I’m not ready to write a sob story (I’m saving the tears for departure day). 

Instead of acknowledging the sadness bound to come with the end of the program, I’ll be celebrating the people and connections I’ve met along the way with 5 words for the 35 amazing people I’ve met. 

Danny: Tactical falling, league, math whiz

Konnor with a k: Just a hobby, no kizzy fr

Mich: Parking garage, scrunchie supplier, inside scoop

Shell: Running, trackstar, hummus, ice chips

Phil: ramen dealer, almost 6 foot

Alex: pure leaf, sweet stuff, garage researcher

Shmoe: Joecabulary, Cam laughs. Soooo. Tough.

Gavin: hat, starbies, gevin, face

Aniyah: Poetry, over 80 spotify followers

Vanessa: Skin care guru, presentation powerhouse

Diego: Ur mom, QOD, croissants, polyglot

Cory: middle-part, (not) couples counselor

Alina: Ultra prepared, hair stylist,-dye expert

Kevin: group picture taker, simp, ig famous

Grace: Mesh backpack, dessert connoisseur, alpha

Cam: Laugh, THE runner, hungry, towering

Isabelle: Where you go is not who you’ll be

Kyra: yaasssss, gorgeous, lol, curly-girl method

Sehyun: pathetic protein, strawberry açaí, rainbow

Sai: Orange chicken, sponsored by polo

Victoria: Bookworm, writer, linguist, bucket hat

Will: Stool sleeper, Aatrox, Yassuo, calcium

Xuan: Discord queen, frog hat, gacha

Maya: Late night talking, rpt, farmhouse frat

Jo: Jo-jo, lost the protein, Simmie’s mom

Rit: Rit-rut, scoot-scoot, Milk, 2-inches taller, Early-sleeper

Julia M: Yuvan debater, pipette queen, protIEn

Julia Z: Stickers, spilt drinks in armory

Yuvan: Hermit, political philosopher, no kappa

Della: Artiste, life-saving notes, real one

Nathan: Journaling, natty ice, it’s bedtime

Dimitra: greek dancing, volleyball, classical guitar

Payton: Excels at excel, mini backpack 

Ricky: Dr. Wu, PhD in Ochem, MOE whisperer

Brian: B-rian, RSI?, curling iron, apple girlie

Hey, I’m Natalie and I’m a rising senior at El Toro High School. When I’m not crying in my room to Taylor Swift songs, I’m usually filing my nails and getting my signature Starbies drink with 17 pumps of syrup. I also enjoy annoying the people around me, literally every single person including one very special TA, with my nonexistent love life and boy problems.