Application Status

The application is closed for 2023.

Even after the deadline, items can take three days to log, and marking complete can take three days.

* If all your applications pieces are in by the deadline it will be marked complete. We are not awake at 3 am on Saturday morning logging transcripts and marking complete, so don’t hit refresh all weekend, please. Do something else this weekend and check on Monday.

Set a reminder for yourself to check and email on Monday 3/6 or Tues 3/7.

* if you check on Monday and your status page does NOT say your application is complete it’s OK. Take a deep breath and then send an email to admissions.  If you see what is missing, let us know the details (e.g., my transcript is not showing up, but it was emailed by on Friday.)  If you can’t tell what’s missing, just ask.

* the staff are much more efficient getting everything logged on your status page if you hold your questions about the status page until Monday or Tuesday.

* teachers have until Tuesday, March 7th to submit their evaluations.

So we will work with you next week to find missing pieces, BUT don’t wait until the middle or end of March, or April, or May to ask why your application is incomplete.