A Day In The Life of an SSP Student (Sunday Edition)

Author | Zach D.

Editor | Rex S.

When I first heard that I had to write on Sunday, the only day with no structured programming, I was annoyed. I worried there would be nothing to write about; however, that was not the case…

A casual Sunday in the SSP lifestyle began with a run around the beautiful campus, including a mob of around 30 squirrels that sprinted away as we approached them. We, of course, had to stop at the sample gates for a quick photo.

The previous day, we found a stellar deal for a mini waffle maker that was only 9 dollars on clearance. As a result, today, we made waffles.

The first waffle was a failure as we watched the waffle batter ooze out of the maker’s sides, as seen in the photo below.

But, we were able to perfect our craft to make perfect waffles. In the end, enough was made to feed the entire building. The 2 dollar cookie sheet from Target also came in handy.

However, the rest of the day vastly differed in what different individuals did. For example, some spent the rest of the morning refreshing their hair dye, doing laundry (and looking like Santa Clause while doing it), playing Minecraft as a group, or napping.

The morning shenanigans then commenced with a trip to the IMU for lunch and some fancy pizza and breadsticks coated in parmesan cheese.

On the brief walk back to the dorms after lunch, we decided we would make cookies from the package we had purchased the day before at Target, while many of us decided to continue working on college applications for the coming year which was quite stressful at many times, but good to get a head start on.

Then our stomachs began to grumble, so we headed to Forest for dinner, and of course, we had to grab ice cream before we left and ended the night by beginning the introduction for our papers.

Overall, today tended to be less of a busy day as we had it off, but it was super fun and allowed us to rest before the rigor of the coming weeks.