A Genomie Homies Exhibition

Hi everyone! I’m Lorna from Indiana, so I’m a local! We’re reaching the end of Week 2 and we went to the museum yesterday, so I thought I’d display how this week went via exhibits.

Exhibit A – Exhaustion: The bus ride back from the children’s museum was silent. I thought we would be screaming songs like “Starships” or “Love Story” at the top of our lungs. Instead, I was asleep as was almost everyone else on the bus. We all need a nap after a week of chemostats blowing up, late night conversations, and walking 10,000+ steps a day. 

Minecraft Exhibition !!! (📸: Veer)

Exhibit B – Karaoke: Perhaps one reason we’ve all been so exhausted is because we’ve had so, so much fun. That karaoke night really took me out, but it is definitely a core memory. I genuinely thought I was going to lose my voice from screaming Taylor Swift songs. Also, everyone here are such good singers like if the programs got together and had a singing competition, genomics is going to slay. (Don’t even get me started on a tennis or walking competition. We would slay both of those too.)

Karaoke Night ft. the best singers (📸: Alice)

Exhibit C – Guest Speaker: Today, Dr. Tyrone Hayes came to talk to us about his love for frogs, which was actually super interesting. You would think his research on frogs would only apply to frogs, right? No! It has real-world implications on our lives and highlights the health disparities in our society. We all loved hearing about his stories and his research and seeing pictures of his frogs.

Dr. Tyrone Hayes’ Frog

Exhibit D – People: I’ve made so many new friends here. I did not think it was possible to start pouring my heart out to people I’ve known for a week. The psets are hard, but Dr. Manzella, Dr. Duffy, and the incredible TAs are always here to support us. We love you guys so so so much !! 

📸: Alice

Ending with one of my favorite SSP quotes: “BS with confidence!” – Dr. Duffy