a silly funny little goofy video

Author | Rex S.

Editor | Lauren L.


6 hours = 1/4th of a day = 360 minutes = the time spent on making this video


Imagine you’re attending the Summer Science Program in Bloomington for Biochemistry (the best program obviously). You’re expecting another average day, but then… your archnemeses, the rain and the thespians (but mostly the thespians) appear. What happens next???

Seconds 0-20

Introduction—music playing, B-Roll of students in the lab, in class, and walking Title: Day 10 at the Summer Science Program
Featuring: Biochemistry in Indiana University, 2023

Segeway —
Dialogue: Hey guys! Welcome back to another day in the life of an SSP student! Let’s check in on Group B and see what’s going on in the Lecture Hall!

Class Activity 1

● Do an interview or two and intersplice with B-Roll Lectures



  • Cue the music lolz