A Typical Monday at SSP: Keshava’s July 10th Blog

*beepbeepbeepbeep* ~pause~ *beepbeepbeepbeep* 

After a night of scrambling to get an Astro report complete before the due date, a familiar, dreadful, noise floods the room at 7:30 AM, 5 hours after the ticking started. Considering this a generous amount of sleep, I crawled out of the blanket, seemingly stuck in a daze somewhere between the dimensions of the awake and asleep. 

As I got through my morning routine, which by the way is more of a rush to class type of routine than a prolonged beauty routine, I was ready for class quicker than expected, a formidable achievement for a night owl. The thought crossed my mind to make the 10 minute journey to the wondrous Chase Dining Hall, though the energy spent even thinking about it proved to be futile. 

Sitting at the usual spot at the round table in Phillips Hall Room 208, the usual morning lecture began, this time on the wonders of Dark Matter in the universe. Trying as hard as possible to stay engaged with the lecture, time passes until the first break of the lecture. All acting impulsively, my friends and I sprint to the coffee shop nearby, eager to get a dose of caffeine (mainly felt on my part) before the break ends. 

Once we’re back, the latter half of the lecture was much more engaging, quickly leading to our 30 min session of Spikeball between every interval we get in the day. Then, we make the 10 minute journey to the wondrous Chase Dining Hall for our midday meal, trying to weave through the masses of other summer camps. 

After another round of the routine Spikeball game, we come back to Phillips for the second half of our day, the Astrophysics Lecture: Galaxy Evolution. This lecture specifically piqued my interest as it was highly requested in the discord. After this lecture, we tested out the Doppler Effects, selecting the fastest person at our campus to run with a phone producing a sound. This was related to our lecture about the redshift of galaxies, and was a cool way to relate the information we learned in class to an everyday relevant example. 

After another round of routine Spikeball, we get ready for dinner. Once we’re changed, we make the 10 minute journey to the wondrous Chase Dining Hall for our early evening feast. Today was quite different as opposed to other days as we had a birthday on campus. After eating the delicious cake, we head back to change and get ready for a night of work. Typing this at 8:35 PM, there is bound to be much more happening tonight. My research group for one gets to calculate the parallax of our asteroid working with the other SSP Astrophysics programs, which is quite exciting. Until the next alarm wakes me up from my peaceful slumber, I get ready for another day at SSP, sadly during the last week of the program. 

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About the Author: 

Hello there! My name is Keshava Parthasarathy, and I am a rising senior at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. I am from Matthews, NC and I am 16 years old. I am so excited to be at SSP, and the experience so far has definitely been the experience of a lifetime. I have learned a tremendous amount in the last 4 weeks at this program, and hope to carry on this knowledge throughout my future academic experiences!