A Week In the Life of Caffeine Addict

Hi, my name’s Roma and I’m a rising senior from California. 

My roommate Brooke and I have a problem: we can’t live without caffeine. It’s the thing that gets us through the day, the thing that we dream about at night, and quite literally the thing that gives us the will to live and get out of bed in the morning. 

Week 1 was a little rough because we were too lazy to wake up early enough in the mornings to get coffee before lecture. 

So during Week 2, I decided that something had to be done to fix this issue. I bought cans of Starbucks coffee that we could store in our dorm room and drink on the go. 

However, I quickly discovered a problem with this: the cans were too small and contained far too little caffeine to sustain me throughout the day. 

It wasn’t until Week 3 that Brooke and I finally figured out the secret to satisfy our addition. We realized that you could get a vanilla cold brew that tastes exactly like Starbucks for free using a meal swipe from the IMU. 

And ever since then, SSP has been amazing. I’ve never been happier here and have come to appreciate the learning, people, and friendships I’ve made here a lot more than when I was deprived of the love of my life. 

Anyways now that it’s finally Friday and the end of Week 4, I’m gonna take you through a typical week in the life of your average caffeine addict. 

Monday started off strong with a delicious vanilla cold brew. Brooke and I actually woke up on time and didn’t have to run to lecture after getting our coffee. 

Tuesday was a bit more stressful. It was July 4th, so everything at the IMU was closed. That would’ve deterred any sane coffee drinkers from getting their fix that morning but like the true addicts we are, it didn’t stop Brooke and me. We woke up even earlier than usual and went to Starbucks. Despite this, we still managed to be late to class, but it was ok because we had our caffeine to keep us going throughout the day. 

Wednesday morning was the most productive I’ve ever been during my time here at SSP. I decided to wake up at 6 am and go to the computer lab at IMU with my friend Saku so we could be the most productive versions of ourselves. Well, that was her reason. I just wanted to make sure that I had enough time to get coffee without having to run to class afterwards. 

Thursday and Friday were pretty similar to Wednesday. I’ve come to love waking up super early and going to the IMU to do work because it ensures that no matter what I’ll always have my coffee. 

This past week was hands down the best week of SSP so far. Now that I’ve finally discovered the secret to getting my fix of caffeine everyday, I can go to sleep excited for the next morning and have happy dreams at night.