A Week One Retrospective

As I am writing this, it is June 19th, so Happy (late) Father’s Day to all the dads reading! 

So far, SSP has been incredible. I know admittance wasn’t based on raw science knowledge and experience, or else I definitely wouldn’t be here. Rather, it’s a group of people that would get the most out of these 6 weeks and who would work well together. With the miniscule amount of chemistry I know, some parts of the program have been rough for me as I’m sure my lab group can attest to. At the start of the first week, I had zero clue what was going on in the lab. I didn’t know what an Erlenmeyer flask was or how to do basic stoichiometry. While the latter may still need some work, I’m doing what I can to keep up and having a great time along with it! 

Tomorrow (6/20) is my birthday, which happens to coincide with “possibly the most critical day of the whole project”. Maybe I should take that as a complement? Either way, spending time with this group is enough to qualify a great birthday for me!

Hi, my name is Ryan, a rising senior from Michigan. In my free time, I like to play violin, watch whatever pops up on Youtube, and play minesweeper!