Parent FAQs

Q. How closely are participants supervised? Will my child be safe?
A. Participants’ safety is our highest priority. They are required to stay on campus unless accompanied by a faculty member. Teaching Assistants and Residential Mentors live in the dorm. Males and females are segregated, and cross-visitation is not permitted. Of course, our best efforts do not guarantee safety. Each summer a few will suffer illnesses or injuries. Usually they are minor.

Q. Is transportation provided between the airport and campus?
A. Yes, as long as the student’s flight times adhere to the instructions provided after admission.

Q. May I visit during the program?
A. Certainly, but we request advance notice to the Site Director, and limiting family visits to one or two Sunday afternoons, and/or Open House Day, a Saturday in the middle of the program.

Q. What medical care is available to students?
A. SSP faculty are trained in basic first aid. The Site Director has access to a consulting nurse, who may recommend seeing a doctor at a local urgent care or hospital. SSP recommends but does not provide (nor require) health insurance. The parent is responsible for the full cost of insurance and any visit to a clinic or hospital. That can get expensive quickly, so we recommend purchasing medical insurance prior to arrival.

Q. My child requires extra rest and/or frequent access to a health care professional for tests/treatment. Will that be available to him/her?
A. SSP is an immersive experience that challenges students both mentally and physically. if your teen has a chronic medical condition that limits his/her activities, SSP is probably not a good fit. You are welcome to contact us to discuss possible accommodations.

Q. Are students ever sent home early for violating the rules?
A. Yes, sometimes, in which case the program fee is not refunded.

Q. What policies are in place regarding drugs and alcohol?
A. We have zero tolerance of alcohol or drugs, including marijuana. Violation will lead to immediate dismissal.

Q. Do parents typically accompany their students to campus?
A. If driving, of course; if flying, usually not. It is not necessary. Over the decades many teenagers have taken their first trip by air alone to SSP. So far they have all managed to make it to campus.

Q. Is there a closing ceremony of some kind?
A. Yes, there is a brief ceremony on the morning of departure, which families are welcome to attend.