Fee and Financial Aid

Thanks to the generous donations of our alumni, board members, and SSP supporters, SSP’s life-changing experience is financially accessible for all participants.  We can guarantee need-blind admissions and an aid grant sufficient to meet 100% of demonstrated need, including U.S. round-trip airfare or $500 toward international airfare. When evaluating financial need, we take into account all relevant circumstances, including number of dependents and unusual costs.  

An applicant with family income:

  • under about $70,000 will likely qualify for fully discounted fee (SSP is free) and travel expenses
  • under about $130,000 will likely qualify for a partially discounted fee
  • over $130,000 may qualify for a partially discounted fee, depending on individual circumstances
In other words, the program fee is scaled to what each family can afford. No one pays more than the program fee of $8,400 (2023), our cost per participant to operate the program.
Whatever fee is paid, it is all-inclusive, covering room & board, tuition, supplies, and local transportation.

It’s free to apply.

Don’t let financial worries deter you!  SSP is committed to making science accessible.

"We received the answer from the financial aid committee. Please tell them how thankful we are. It's the worst feeling for a parent to see all the potential and thirst for learning of one's child, and worry that we can't afford a program that would be perfect for him. My son will be finally surrounded by peers with his same drive and interest. I know that SSP will push him to see how much more there is to learn, and I assure you that the rest of the group will benefit from getting to know him, not just because he's so smart, but because he's an amazing human being."

"My mom applied for financial aid because my sister was about to start college. The grant made it possible for me to attend SSP. And I'm glad I did! All the work, memories, and emotions I experienced made it the best summer of my life."