Teacher Evaluations

To request an evaluation, either type the teachers’ school email addresses into the form, OR download the teacher evaluation form PDF and give one to each teacher. Which to do? Either is fine with us, so ask each teacher which s/he would prefer.

The evaluations should come directly from the teacher to SSP either online, emailed by the teacher, or in an enveloped sealed and signed by the teacher.  An evaluation from a third teacher or other adult (counselor, coach, supervisor, mentor) is optional.

By requesting this evaluation, you, the applicant, authorize your teachers to write a frank and confidential assessment of you. We never disclose evaluations to the applicant.

When you click Save (below), an auto-email will go to each address shown, containing a link to the evaluation form for you. Submit each email address only once, unless the teacher specifically requests it be sent again. (If you come back later to enter a different email address, clear those you already submitted.) The application status page shows a list of evaluations we have received for you.

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