Adventures (and Advice) on Field Trip Day

After the torturous events of yesterday’s Bradford Assay Spectrophotometer extravaganza, SSP Biochem Purdue deserved a break.

Hence, this is all I am going to write.

Just kidding! The blog TA made me write more 🙁

After Natalie (my roommate and new best friend) cut my bangs the night before, I began my day by whipping her giant hair roller off my forehead and groggily shoving a protein bar into my mouth. I changed my outfit approximately 5 times, since apparently Nat and I had to give off similar vibes, then we dashed to the local Starbucks in a desperate attempt to chug our morning caffeine. Most unfortunately, our groups beat us to early morning lab, doing all the work for us (thank you Joseph and Ritvik!!)

We then skipped on over to the zoo where I was forced to partake in an extensive photography session… I regret convincing Natalie to post more on her Instagram the other day.

Our post-zoo stop consisted of me doling out my golden relationship advice. To summarize: text your girlfriend hourly, good morning and good night, and for crying out loud… figure out when your anniversary is!!

On a slightly different note, our tour of Inari Labs was captivating. I couldn’t decide if the corn embryos or million-dollar machines were cooler. Also, I won a free t-shirt!

Finally on the agenda was a much-needed Walmart run! Thanks to Diego for lugging all our stuff around – and for the watermelon I’m about to beg him for!!

All in all, here at SSP we are diving (into the material), vibing, and barely surviving! I love it here!! Miss you mom (I guess you too dad).

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