Always on the Target!

Imagine this, the sun hits your face, you wake up, rub your eyes, check your phone, and it’s 8:30. Class started half an hour ago! You jolt out of the displaced sheets, banging your foot on the cold metal bed frame – all the while hating on your phone’s faulty alarm. Then, you notice your roommate is still asleep, it’s the weekend, and it’s SUNDAY!! 

An opportunity to go back to sleep is rare during SSP, and so it should be cherished like a fresh, warm donut from Krispy Kreme – or like the last cup of instant ramen noodles which you share with all your friends after a busy day in the lab. 

Taking this in, you would think that Sunday is a far less busy day than others during SSP, right? Well, no, no, not really. You see, Sunday is not as much a day to rest as it is to restock supplies. Remember that last cup of ramen? Well, you need to get more. The caffeinated drinks you’ve been downing are running out, and the mid-lecture trail mix won’t be hiking back to you all by itself. Luckily, there’s a one stop shop for all things college-student right on campus in the form of the smallest Target store I have ever seen. At this point, they should just rename it “bullseye.” 

After Target runs are over, it’s time to do everyone’s favorite activity – laundry! Seriously, I would take re-re-re-re-autoclaving our contaminated chemostats over even one load of laundry – but as Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “I will do what I must.” 

While laundry was running, almost everyone flocked to the computer lab to complete psets, much to the dismay of the BioChem SSPers who tend to use the lab more than Genomics’ participants. Psets aren’t the only thing we do in our free time, though. In the basement, a small orchestra was set up to practice together, and both private music rooms were in frequent use. Even for those of us who are less musically inclined, there’s always playing the simple yet iconic intro to Kanye West’s hit song “Runaway.”  

Overall, while Sunday may not have been a “free” day, per se, it was certainly productive and gave us a change of pace from the fun – but also tiring – hours of daily lectures and lab time. 

Hi everyone 🙂 

My name is Jay Khemchandani, and I’m from Orlando, Florida – the home of Disney World, Universal, and way too many alligators. Apart from the classroom, I can be found vibing with friends, riding my bike, or listening to all kinds of music genres most people haven’t even heard of – that is, before I curate playlists to introduce them to the soulful beats of Nujabes and the lyrical genius of Madvillian.