Author | Dominic. B

Editor | Rex S.

Hello! My name is Dominic B. and I am an SSPer in the Biochemistry program. Today is July 4th so allow me to take you with me on a journey throughout this jam-packed, leg pain inducing day. 

It started off with me waking up at 8:08 AM promptly after snoozing five of my alarms. Wishing to get breakfast before our 9 AM start time in the lab to do our enzyme substrate specificity assays, I raced to get ready and sprinted to the Indiana Memorial Union to get breakfast with my friend Caleb:

As you can see Caleb is proudly wearing his “crop top” shirt that he purchased from agriscience and potential frog feminizer company Corteva Agriscience.

Next on the agenda was six grueling hours of lab, where sitting was not an option, failed trials were the norm, and resentment for biochemistry ensued.

Here we can see my fellow research groupmate Hanser Yoon hard at work to prepare our assay. Unfortunately for us, this assay took a turn for the worse and ended up looking like a Smurf proudly did its business in our well plate with great focus and aim!!

Here for moral support, the extremely helpful and knowledgable TA Emma Lawson comes to our rescue with the comforting words: “I’m so disappointed in you!!!” Thanks Emma, we need that in our lives sometimes to bring us back to reality. Watch out Emma, because now we got Bad Blood..

Since it is the Fourth of July, all of the campus dining options were closed. The lovely resourceful  Mr. Shorey catered Qdoba burritos for both us and the Genomics program 😅. The burritos were lovely, and thankfully didn’t contain unmentioned peanuts that would give me an allergic reaction (I don’t trust you anymore IU). 

After our brief 20 minute lunch, my lab group and I went back to work on our assays, eventually busting out three successful (useable) trials! Upon completion of these robot-like experiments, we ventured our way to Chemistry Room C033 in order to complete our class activity on comparing the various CDC14 enzymes that all of the groups are studying here at SSP.

After our grueling eight-hour day of lab and class activities, Biochem and Genomics ventured out to Bryan Park for Fourth of July barbecue and activities. Here is fellow SSPer Hemkesh Chenupati ready to be an elite basketball player:

We got to the park and enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, fruit, and prepared by Mr. Shorey and our Lab Assistant Nick Marek:

Participants enjoyed a mix of activities like basketball, volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and more.

After a good four hours of exhausting but exciting activities with friends after a long day of work, we made our way back home (Goodbody Hall) to relax, yet again work on the Class Activity, and create beautiful sparkler pictures.