An Omega Day At SSP

Author: Hyun K.

Exactly a month ago, I was SO happy that school ended; the tiresome days of zooming for exactly 265 minutes daily were over. 

But now, I’m SO happy that I’m spending over 600 minutes on Zoom with my SSPeers 😀 . The struggle is real with these OD packets and psets, but I’ve experienced through SSP what real teamwork looks like, sleeping at 3am, how to parallel-roll people, and how to play a bunch of games together online!

Speaking of games, today’s social block with Gartic Phone was a BLAST (for the SSPeers at least). Innocent Tristan eating his hamburger got blinded, and Abby and Michael somehow got themselves involved in murder to making bread.

After a few rounds of Gartic Phone, the same two friendly people who ended up making bread together gave us a super cool introduction to Matplotlib and emphasized the power of documentations and Google. Here’s a few photos of Juji’s super smoooth graph (left) and Aaron’s erupting volcano (right):

Two hours before W/P, our team joined the usual zoom, with a few others who trickled in. To honor our last SSP pset, Juji named our Baby OD code as the baD bOy code and inspired a few others to do so as well.

Oh, we also can’t forget about our poor lowercase oMEGAS (ω) that became ominis, with approval from Dr. R himself. 

At 10:00PM, Katie joined our game for an ultimate battle against the Grabble God Juji. It was a tight race – both players did amazingly well and came neck to neck… but in the end, the crown went to Queen of Grabble: Katie! 

After her victorious moment, Aaron, Juji, Emma, Sophia, and I (and Tanay) proceeded to play a few rounds of Cambio, which I really recommend you readers to try playing if you have the time! 🙂

Hi! I’m Hyun Kim, a rising senior at Troy High School in Troy, Michigan. I’ve played violin for 7 years, like to fold paper airplanes with my little brother, and love eating strawberry peperos. I love kpop (BP and BTS) and watching kdramas too. And of course, I love math, physics, and coding!