Another (anti)Trivial Field Trip

Author: Feodor B.

I’d like to tell you about our field trip on July 5. We were all woken up by a knock on the door at 7:15 a.m. (I personally liked it better when Dean woke us up by playing the trumpet on the day of previous field trip). We got on the bus and drove to the site where the Native American used to live, and the archaeologist gave us a tour, then we went to see the petroglyphs they had carved on a nearby mountain. Personally, I was very excited, even though it was very hot. Then we went to the New Mexico Museum of Space History, which had a lot of different exhibits, of which my favorite were the simulators of the space shuttle landing, moon landing, and jetpack flying. We also took pictures in spacesuits and looked at a huge jet parked in front of the museum. Honestly, I really enjoyed this field trip and would love to go to these places again.

I have to start working on the astronomy pset or I’ll miss the deadline so I’ll end the blog post here.

– Feodor

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Hi! I’m Feodor and I’m from Russia, now I live and study in Cyprus. I have a huge number of hobbies, but my favorites are programming, mountain skiing, snowboarding, archery and playing the piano. At SSP, you can probably find me coding and working with images from the observatory, or struggling with math pset.