Another Day, Another Slay

Hey everyone! I’m Sheryl Li, and I’m from Maryland! I love Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, and Metro Boomin.  

Today’s song of the day: Lana Del Rey, Summertime Sadness. I’m in my Lana Del Rey x Gracie Abrams x Taylor Swift era. 

I barely woke up today, partially due to yesterday’s karaoke session (thank you to my wonderful roomie for getting me out of bed ❣️). One of today’s lectures in the morning was focused on analyzing various abstracts, and my lab group ate this up– as per usual.

Our group’s abstract formula!

Today was one of the chill days, and we went to the Children’s Museum in the afternoon! One aspect I enjoy about SSP is that we work hard and play hard. We have labs and lectures most days, and are free to have fun on Sundays, part of Saturdays and Wednesdays.

But first, fit check! (ft. Brooke and I)

One thing we’ve been enjoying is unleashing our true passions for theater and acting, which was sparked by the recent flow of thespians that have crowded IU (who have also made the ice cream lines extremely long at dinner…). 

After an hour-long ride, we’ve made it! Here’s us at the museum! Meet Arowyn, my roomie, and Harsh! Peep Alvin and Carson [the TA’s] in the background. The TA’s have been a significant help to labs, problem sets, and are so fun to converse with. 

Twin spotted? 💀It’s actually really cute. 

Friends and I toured the Minecraft sector of the museum! 

[I woke up in a new Bugatti] 

Upstairs, I fell in love. This car makes my heart race (…*crickets*). As I was walking back downstairs, I spotted a familiar figure.

Carson [TA] spotted in the wild! 

Xoxo, Sheryl.