Application Status

The application is closed for 2024. 

Decisions will be released via email and the applicant portal in Mid-April. There is no official date for decision release. Notification will go out as soon as all decisions are available.

  • The grace period for teachers to submit evaluations was 11:59 pm Pacific time on Tues 2/20. The grace period for transcripts was the same.
  • If you check on Feb. 20 and your status page does NOT say your application is complete, it’s OK! Take a deep breath and then send an email to admissions.  If you see what is missing, let us know the details (e.g., my transcript is not showing up, but it was emailed by on Friday.)  If you can’t tell what’s missing, just ask.
  • We will work with you to find missing pieces as long as you don’t wait until the middle or end of March, or April, or May to ask why your application is incomplete.
Site and date selection is now on the main form.