Beginning of the Lasts

Today is the last Sunday of SSP. The beginning of the last week ( which isn’t even a full week). At this stage of SSP we are experiencing more lasts than firsts. Since it is unlikely that I will have any new experiences, I think it  is a great time to write about my SSP experience. Full disclaimer: Some of these may be one line, some may be a full paragraph, some are very serious and some are what I remember only because it was so silly. Sit back, relax and enjoy as I write what I will miss about SSP, combined with my favorite memories in no particular order.

What I will miss about SSP/ My favorite memories:

1.The collaborative environment.

Everyone works together, and no-one is behind. If you need help there is always someone there to offer. 

2. Getting kicked out of the computer lab at 12:00 AM. 

3. The constantly changing weather. 

It once rained when there were no clouds in the sky. 

4. Ms.Doyles Fundatory activities. 

Sand Volleyball, A trial, hide-and-seek to name a few. 

5. Mia getting upset at  Mat and thew. 

I believe there has already been an entire blog post dedicated to the very serious trial of Mia vs the Matthews, but basically the Matthews cause Mia very severe emotional distress. 

6. The rec center. 

I had two new experiences here. The first is rock-climbing which I am very proud to have accomplished because I am deeply scared of heights. The second new experience is ice-skating where I lost my balance many times and fell down on my face once. 

7. The fun experiments. 

Where to begin? There were  so many experiments and demonstrations done over the summer that I can’t possibly name each one. 

My favorites were:

And this:

8. Wunna by Gunna.

9. Hearing cheers when a problem is solved. 

10. Grace always being nearby when you have a problem/questions.

11. Sunday Movies – Particularly Kung Fury, which will be my go to suggestion when there is a movie night. 

12. Seeing a random deer by the window of the computer lab. 

* He wanted to talk to us about our cars extended warranty* 

13 . Late night truth or dare, paranoia and interrogations. 

14 . Making memes.

15. Getting bobas courtesy of Peter because me, Ameera, Alison and Milenka are superior to him in bowling. 

Our TA Peter made a deal with the four of us that if two of our scores combined beat his overall score, he would buy all of us bobas. Let’s just say that Peter overestimated his bowling skills. Side discussion – I don’t like boba that much. The difference in temperature and textures makes drinking it unpleasant.

16. Talks with Mia. 

17. The observation deck . 

Being on the observation deck slewing the telescopes, taking the flats, and imaging distant galaxies and nebulae makes you feel like you’re a true scientist (which we are!).

18. Karaoke nights. 

19. Just dance.

Istanbul, Barbie Girl, Rasputin.  

20. The incessant college talks. 

I’ll have to be honest, before SSP I have thought about college applications or even what colleges I’m applying to. These conversations made me realize that I should get on that, and I have! 


I  will now take a quick break from this list to move on to another short list made specifically for Mia. 

I present to you: 


Bad Astronomy Puns. 

Why did Hrishabh get a vegetarian beef patty? 

Because he’s not a meteor. 

What did Mattew Zb. educate us on? 

Asteroid Overdose. 

Credits to Will and Sasha for the next bad pun of the day. 

If we didn’t finish our OD report we would have a semi-major problem. 

Apologies Mia, and I hope you can forgive me. 

Now, Back to memories and things I will miss dearly . 

21. Listening to music with Michelle B. 

 On the day our OD reports were turned in, a  group of us hung out in the study room. Michelle was playing music and I suggested playing night changes by one direction because I felt that described the mood of the night. She put it on, and thoughts of how quickly this summer has passed rushed through my mind. We sat there reminiscing for the entire song, making one of my favorite memories during SSP. 

22. Constantly having stuff to do. 

At SSP there is always something to do, whether it is completing your OD code, or writing your blog post, you are never left without work to complete. When I return home for the rest of the summer, I don’t know how I will function without always having a task that needs to be done.  

23. Getting vanilla icecream with a cookie and an obscene amount of chocolate sauce syrup. (Highly Recommend) 

24. My first talk with Jessica. 

25. Counting off. 

     #6 !

26. Peter’s dinner table.

For dinner we have assigned tables, and one of my favorites to sit at is Peters. This is mostly because of the interesting conversations that occur there like – If we could travel back in time for one minute, where would we go? 

27. The leader of a raccoon gang terrorizing me. 

This is  just a story of a very mean raccoon and its raccoon friends hissing at me. 

28. Maggie and I getting lunch at 4:30 before dinner at 5:15. 

29. Chilling in Arnett hall. 

30. Tyler talking about how much he loves pianos. 

31. Eating Ramen after midnight. 

32. Late night tea talks with Peter. 

33. Identifying my asteroid for the first time. 

My thoughts: WOW! This is so amazing. I really got lucky!  My asteroid is  so bright and visible . It was not; I was looking at a star . Infact, I needed to get my asteroid detected for me, because it was so dim. 

34. Collecting flowers when we went on a dark sky trip. 

35. Dragos drinking insane amounts of peach juice. 

36. Sleeping wherever possible and even sleeping for 18 hours straight once. 

37. Being Sleep Deprived. 

38. My roommate Calista and I rarely sleeping before 2:30 AM. 

39. Waking up late and never getting breakfast.


While we are on the topic of my terrible sleeping habits. I would like to point out that I am not the only one whose sleeping schedule is completely destroyed.  Enjoy this photo dump of the CUB Crew caught sleeping. (MAKE SURE TO GET PERMISSION FROM THESE PEOPLE BEFORE THIS IS POSTED!)

Beginning this list again. 

40. Dr.Domingue’s soothing voice. 

41. Dr. Dubson yelling to get our attention for announcements. 

42. Learning about my favorite astronomy topic – The big slurp. (Sorry Mia.)

43. Kenna’s terrible music taste. (Its growing on me though) 

44. Chilling in a random hallway by myself. 

 Sometimes I need some time by myself to just relax. Sue me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

45. “Stealing” gogurts on days that aren’t sundays. 

46. “Stealing”  cereal in the middle of the night on days that also are not sundays.

47. Jackbox. 

48. Becoming a gentleminion. 

49. Betraying my roommate for the prisoner’s dilemma QOD. 

Forgive me – Calista. I didn’t know that you wouldn’t be able to get a point. 

50. Getting my eyes opened by Ariella and Gabriella about quantum mechanics, measurements, and estimations. 

51. Whatever this is. 


Hey, My name is Jaile (pronounced :  Hi – Lee) . I am a rising senior at Saint Catherine Academy in Belize ( and  I like staying  and waking up late, doing fun/ potentially dangerous science  experiments, marvel, coding without the math part and watching movies and tv shows.