SSP has been fun, hectic, and very inspiring thus far. Although we have many days where we go hiking or exploring around Boulder, today was one of our most simple and routine days, characterized by lectures and homework. There are also interesting changes that we’ve had to adapt to, such as the altitude and dehydration, which are not very fun. However, meeting all kinds of new people has proposed an environment I’ve never been able to be exposed to before. I like everyone here!

Lately, it’s been a bit stressful because after everyone felt like they got the hang of P-Sets, new homework assignments were assigned regarding our OD and extra code assignments. As I’m typing this, me and my friends are stuck on our LSPR (Least Squares Place Reduction) assignment, requiring us to combine functions of cross product and Cramer’s rule.

We also got new seating assignments in lectures today, and I’m sitting next to Dragoş, who is from Romania! Throughout the day, me and one of my friends, Aruzhan, do morning yoga and cardio (occasionally) and take night walks as breaks. I took some time lapses throughout the day, aka in lectures and during our meals at the C4C to portray our daily experiences.


Hi, my name is Michelle! I’m 16 and from the Dallas, Texas area, attending Highland Park High School. Other than physics and astronomy, I love reading (such as Jane Austen and Ali Hazelwood) and I play the clarinet and am captain of the Color Guard at my high school. I have a pet ball python named Cleopatra as well! I look forward to the rest of the program.