Bittersweet taste better on chocolate chip cookies – James Y.

Today was the 2nd to last full day at SSP. Richard Bowdon wasn’t kidding when he said SSP would fly bye. From all the stress this morning as manuscripts were turned in (with ⅓ of the program pulling all-nighters…) and the joy we felt when it was over to the sadness with realization when the talent show ended that we only have one full day left. Although today isn’t the last day, I’ll miss the karaoke nights, the running to lunch for walk-ons, the late night ramen, and the inside jokes we have with all the participants and TA’s (do not come). Below are some pictures from today which will forever be engrained in my head <3

About me: I’m James Yang, I turned 17 today for a fun fact, and I attend Carmel High School, IN. In my free time I like to binge Cdramas, listen to nostalgic songs (thanks to andrew’s playlist), and watching cooking videos.