Hey everyone! It’s Sheryl, back at it again. Today is one of our off days (which occurs every Sunday). Since the bounds were lifted, my friends and I decided to visit places right outside the borders of IU! 

My friend, Ameya, and I on our way towards the boba shop 🙂

Beautiful view with the gates of IU

First stop: boba shop! Downtown Bloomington is so refreshing- small town vibes with clothing and food stores. 

Me at the boba shop! I got a coconut milk tea with lychee jelly- so amazing, I definitely recommend it. 

Next, my roomie Arowyn and I visited the local boutique.

There were so many cute items! 

We stopped by Urban Outfitters and strolled around. I had a BLAST today with friends, and I’m so excited for this upcoming week (with the use of BLAST, basic local alignment tool) since we are moving into the bioinformatics portion of our experiment.