Bowling and some science – Ana J.

Cheers to the first Saturday at SSP. Honestly, I’m sure I am speaking for everyone when I say it felt like weeks. Today, we are going bowling after a full week of hard work. But before we dive into that, let me recap this past week, for those of you who don’t know about it. Chemostats! Our new best friends have been behaving wonderfully! (Please, I beg you to note the sarcasm). Genomics this year is significant in possibly every way. Not only are we the “pioneers” of this program, but we are also the “Guinea pigs.”  Now, please don’t misunderstand me, because I couldn’t be more thankful. This is probably a learning experience—especially of the real world—of what true science turns out to be, on good and bad days. We—participants, TAs, Ms. Latus, and Professors—have done a great job of stumbling upon a problem, and instead of running away, facing it. This past week has been full of trial and error as well as not just informative lectures, but also life lessons. This program is one of its own. Yesterday was supposed to be Experiment Day 1, however, due to some complications —that I will not go over here for the sake of space and time—we had to push it back one more day as well as modify few things. However, along the way we learned a lot of new things! Who could have guessed, but it turns out V. Natriegens eats a lot of food(meda). Anyway, on another note, BOWLING! 

So here we are, at bowling. Turns out it’s harder than it looks, yet somehow beginners’ luck keeps on thriving. And of course, practice makes perfect, so by the second round we honestly were not that bad… Anyway… James DID NOT win any round(not legally at least) just putting that out there. 

So bowling was a nice way to let all frustrations out, and honestly, if we add to this day a free Sunday, we’ll(hopefully) be nice and ready for round 2. And finally, Target run, which of course is essential and exciting. 

Hi! I’m Ana. I am an incoming senior from Miami  Florida, and still getting used to the long walks to places. I love sports, especially soccer. And academically, I love biology, chemistry, and engineering.