Calculus and Cults

Author: Clara S.

Coming into SSP, I was very worried about it being online. Having disliked my online junior year so much, I was pretty concerned about not forming strong friendships and failing to enjoy the material presented. But SSP has been so different from school in every good way possible. Not only do I get to do things every day that I thought I wouldn’t be capable of for a long time, but I’ve also met a lot of amazing people in two short weeks – plus formed a Neil de Grasse (Rye)son cult! 

June 1st Me would be quite confused if I told her that she’d have a folder on her desktop titled “neil’s only fans <3” by the end of the month (all family friendly photos don’t worry). 

I am proud to say that SSP has helped me learn how to code so much more python as well as how to create stellar (lol) Neil edits. 

But on a more academic note, SSP has been very intense so far – in the best and worst ways. Above all the math, terminology, and diagrams that SSP has taught me so far, the biggest lesson I’ve taken away from these first two weeks is to take it all day by day. I don’t think you could give better advice to an SSPer… well other than that you should praise Lord Neil.

Geez, maybe SSP is turning me insane. Oh well. 

Hi there! I’m Clara from San Francisco, California. Some of my pastimes include listening to egregious amounts of music, reading fiction novels, seeing how messy I can keep my room without tripping over things, and studying new things! Star gazing isn’t the best in the city but I try to do it every chance I get. As you may have guessed, I am a fan of Neil de Grasse Tyson’s Star Talk but aren’t we all?