** CLASSIFIED ** The Truth About SSP 2021 | Kai C.

The following document was an email sent from Kai Campbell to [REDACTED], both participants at the 2021 SSP program. An inside source from the SSP Staff anonymously submitted this email, with certain portions blanked out to protect their identity. 


Date: July 14, 2021 

To: Agent [REDACTED] 

From: CEO Kai Campbell 

Subject: Chaos Prevention 

We both know that [REDACTED] needs to be watched. 

With the program fully underway, and closer to its conclusion than its beginning, we need to make sure that we are equipped to handle Them, and to prevent any last second chaos They might cause. 

I don’t fully trust [REDACTED], and I believe they may backstab us at any moment. We all know that the SSP program is just a cover for Dr. Hall’s evil [REDACTED] experiment, in the same way a car wash or a dollar store acts as a front for money laundering. The issue is, leaked information about our work would be more catastrophic. 

For example, the proceedings of last Friday’s “surprise-special block”, cannot, under any circumstances, be known by the general public. Having teenagers complete [REDACTED] without warning them is something many would not be able to digest, and it being exposed would surely lead to the end of our beloved program. 

If we stick to our daily routine, and keep a close eye on [REDACTED], we will be able to get through the program without any issues. 

Finally, the official summary for today, July 13th, goes as follows: 

{11:00 EST} Campus Activity Block: Emperor Park proceeded through our normal introductions, highlighted by the mention of this week’s lecture on [REDACTED], led by two of the organization’s top doctors.

We then split into smaller groups, and my fleet covered the One-Night Werewolf sector. Miss Laney Flanagan – 7 foot 2 inches tall, 2003 NBA Most Valuable Player, and 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist – was leading our group, and, surprisingly, made it through the entire process with only a slight mishap. (Now would be a great time to take a moment of silence for Laney’s rice, who fell victim to her cooking skills) 

One-Night Werewolf is a complicated matter, a game of deceit and mistrust. Of course, I succeeded and won the final round, exiting after winning, like all of the greats. 

{13:00 EST} Class Activity Block: Lord Das led today’s Activity Block, which was light on work. We completed our mission in a record fashion, and had a lot of free time. I got up from his computer to take a break and found a video of a live fish tank on youtube, which had me entranced for a short while. Eventually I broke the spell, and returned to my computer station. We learned of Private Shi’s valiant, yet often futile efforts in Fencing (they are the second best stories of Miss Shi – the first being how she fell into a pond full of Swans). 

As for our assignment, we designed an assay for inhibitor screening. It was fun. “Fun”. 

{21:00 EST} TA Block: Team Four Score (SSP’s best team, by the way), had an easier workload than usual. However, that did not stop us from still being the best group. Led by Agent Abbie – Florida resident, runner and track star, and world-famous for playing all of Mozart’s symphonies on the trombone – our group is an unstoppable force. Fortunately for us, the immovable object – MOE – was not part of our programming, and we were able to smoothly make it through the day’s work. 

{24:00 EST} After-Hours: I would like to make it known that Abbie and Anushay are solely responsible for any acts of insanity or any war crimes I perform in the future. On July 14, at approximately 1 AM EST, I was exposed to an unspeakable concoction of Alvin and the Chipmunks, One Direction, and social media posts imploring me to “imagine being a cow”. If any news reports surface from the Dallas area of a high schooler wreaking havoc, know it is the work and witchcraft of Miss Griffis and Miss Anjum.