Code of Honor

Inspired by the Honor Codes at Caltech and Haverford College, the SSP Code of Honor expresses the shared values that promote the smooth functioning of the whole SSP community. It is the keystone of the culture at SSP. It says:

“Every participant and faculty member of the Summer Science Program community is expected to practice personal and academic integrity, including honesty, trust, consideration, and mutual respect, and to take responsibility for his or her words and actions. No one will denigrate or take unfair advantage of any other person.”

  • You will be a trusted and respected member of a diverse community, in which we embrace our differences, care about one another, and resolve conflicts through respectful communication.
  • Academic integrity includes making sure that all work you submit reflects your own understanding.
  • Admitted applicants are provided with a Participant Handbook describing in detail SSP’s unique design, traditions, and expectations for behavior. You can share it with your parent and ask questions before deciding whether to participate.