Court, Filters, Geography, Oh No!

By Alor S.

Obligatory disclaimer: The jokes in the below post are just jokes, and shouldn’t be taken seriously! Also I covered some stuff from the 13th that I really didn’t want to miss.

Hello Everyone,

SSP is drawing to a close, which is definitely a bit sad :(. Plasmids were a pain, and MOE is distressing – but it was all still very fun.

Campus Block started out great. We were immediately split out into breakout rooms, and we happened to have Ms. Latus with us. In the spirit of democracy, we appointed ourselves to the Ms. Latus Senate; I myself was the Ms. Latus Senate Parliamentarian!

We then approved the Ms. Latus Supreme Court. Oops, we have packed it with all our TAs. I bravely searched for wigs to adorn our justices, along our Chief Justice, TA Kevin Tan.

Q: How many Kevins are there? A: Only 1! The rest are Bevin, Cevin, Fevin….

Moving onto Thursday, we filmed our TA diss video in Campus Block. I know that TAs read our posts, so I can only give a sneak peek:

We hid some names to keep the surprise factor! Try to guess who/what the corn refers to.

Then we started messing around with the ZOOM green screen filter, even though we didn’t have greenscreens:

Green screen practice as a group

We got better (some of these are from July 13th, but still):

I used my teammate Izzy’s background to commemorate how she 1) dislikes Fruity Pebble ice cream and 2) Said she had “taquito” ice cream instead of “cookies and cream.” Both Coco and I heard “taquito.” That must not be a California thing…

But one thing that was interesting was when local IUer Claire affirmed and reaffirmed her glorious guess for a country: Baghdad.

There is little else to say, but I worry about the geographical awareness of SSPers. For more about how I feel about this issue without taking up more space, see “A Very Sai-entific Day,” which describes the sentiment, except I feel like Claire and Claire in this case is like Sai.

I will leave you with a dancing docked ligand video:

Signing off,