Crossing the Point of No Return

Author: Joaquin M.

So, here we are. By the time this releases, there will only be two more days left of SSP, and one of them is the closing ceremony. We are now approaching the due dates for both the OD code and the OD report. Despite this, we still had time for fun and interesting discussions. Dr. Anderson explained the context of how he ended up nude in public, a fact that shocked all of the participants when it was first revealed. 

In today’s social block, we had 90 second lectures on topics such as quantum computing from Tanay, tying your shoes from Aaron, and gravity ball from Katie. There were many others as well. This set of lectures covered diverse topics and were very informative. All in all, a great break from the difficult topics in learning blocks.

We had another interesting discussion where Dr. R was told that he had the facial hair of Abraham Lincoln and that he should wear the hat.

The work play block, as normal, had absolutely no play of any kind, as such a thing would mean we had free time and that cannot be allowed. The teams worked to finish the needed processes for the OD report.

Today is the final day for turning in the OD code, and while many teams are done or nearly done with it, there is an easy way to summarise the entire process, as seen on the left. After that, we must complete monte carlo and orbital improvement on our orbit to find error and ensure superior accuracy. I have no idea if we will succeed, but we are going to try. What could possibly go wrong…

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