Crossover Hiking!

Today was a cool day for sure. Genomics at IU, Biochem at IU, and Biochem at Purdue all visited Indiana’s Turkey Run State Park together.

All in all, there were 96 participants from all 3 camps. It was a fun experience to meet all these cool people and spend a day relaxing and taking a break from our day to day activities.

I went on a 3 mile hike with IU biochem kids and two of their TAs. I was the only one from genomics – so that was definitely an interesting experience. We trekked through a suspended bridge, some long cavern-like-paths, and across slippery streams.

After hiking, we ate hotdogs and snacks and then chilled out for two ish hours. And then the ride back. 2 hours of rows upon rows of corn fields. Most people slept on the bus on the ride back. Overall, cool day for sure. Great state park and great vibes. While air quality was not the best, it was still refreshing to go outside and hike.