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Today, I had to get up against my will because my roommate woke me up at the crack of dawn, and lavished me emotionally, showering me with comments such as “We will be late” and “Hurry up, it’s 8:20”. Because of his loving words, I had no choice but to get up and walk to Wiley Hall.

Figure 1: Brian stares deliciously at an unidentified object

Our morning was filled with lectures and hard work, learning about the ins and outs of enzyme kinetics and their application in our project. We got to create a protein assay to see if our enzyme was active. Although it was fun, I was famished by the time I got out, and walked to IMU. 

Figure 2: The smartest thespian at the International Thespian Festival at Indiana University, Bloomington 2023 https://schooltheatre.org/event/international-thespian-festival-2023/

After going on an adventure to the IMU, we made our way back to the lab, where my group briefly talked with Nikhil Venmuri, who threw street group signs at me. Despite our scary and frightening encounter, it turns out that he is a nice little man.

Figure 3: Nikhil Venmuri approached me menacingly

Afterwards, Kenny thought he was slick, but got caught creepily taking pictures of other people by our friendly, residential TA, Rex.

Figure 4: Kenny creeps on Rohan and Hemkesh

It was a good day, for the innocent people being stalked. Unfortunately, the lab was as hard as a stuffed animal, and we had to redo it 4 times, which led SSPers to get on their knees and beg… for an extension. 

Figure 4: Two anonymous SSPers beg for mercy

Dr. H, hearing their prayers, granted mercy, and extended all the deadlines (we love you Dr. H)

However, we were still very hungry, and as a result, people raced to the dining hall to munch on the delectable items laid out by the cooks. In particular, the Kung Pao Chicken was very delicious.

Figure 6: Our savior, Dr. H


Figure 7/8: Jake lovingly devours a hamburger after letting go of his frustrations through his artistic skills

At 8, we celebrated Sonia’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Sonia!) and ate a lot of cake.

Figure 9: Sonia blowing out the candle

Jeremy Alexander stuffed his face with the white and black delicacy. 

Okay guys, thanks for reading. Here’s our TA breaking lab rules and sitting on the lab counter

Figure 10: Two SSPers share a meal

Figure 11: Look at Hemkesh throwing up the peace sign. Also he wanted me to mention his red shirt, which he specifically wore for the lab

Figure 12: Two very hard working and productive students

Figure 13: Caleb in a Crop Top