Day 13 @ SSP Purdue – Rain and Sunshine: An SSP Weekend

Creator: Andrew K.

July 1st, 2023
Today was another amazing day at SSP biochemistry Purdue. My roommate,
Nirbaan, set his alarm for 9:00 A.M. for some reason (I don’t understand why
because today is Saturday), but I woke up with him. I decided to skip breakfast,
and get some extra sleep in. We went to the lab to pick up our computers, and then
went to lecture. Today’s lecture was on how to write a formal lab report, and then
after, we listened to another lecture about Enzyme Regulation. I learned so many
new things!

Now I will share a poem of my day:

The sky is gray
We love to play

The air is windy and warm
We are reborn
at SSP

Today is Saturday, a weekend
I met a new friend
SSP is such a blend
of people
Being late is a trend

Today is Canada day
It’s officially two months past May
Everyone is so helpful, especially the TAs
For a brighter day, I pray
Designing our enzyme assays
Tired in bed I lay

I went to Wiley for lunch
Went to target after
Got some candy for future munch
There was so much laughter
The walk home was truly a disaster
It’s so hot

Now it’s time for rest
For sleep right now is best
I can see the light dim
It’s time for Halas din
Buffalo chicken and rice
Oh it’s so very nice

The night sky is high
It’s time to say goodbye
What a wonderful day indeed
This is just what I need