Day 15 @ SSP Purdue – Summer Science Program? More like Scrumptious Supper Program!

Creator: Rachel Z.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Monday of our third week at SSP. I woke up today with a bit of trepidation because of a scary rumor going around campus – that Week 3 would be the longest and most difficult of all during our time here. That’s why I decided to start the week with something light and fun: food.

Ever wondered what we have to eat in a day at SSP@Purdue? Well, you’re in for a treat!

For those of us who eat breakfast (a gradually diminishing number), we usually go to Wiley Dining Hall. There’s lots of options, from bagels to toast to muffins. I’ve personally opted for the daily granola bar since I like to sleep in until 7:30, but I’ve heard the food is pleasantly consumable.

For lunch, we usually have two options: the Purdue Memorial Union, or a quaint sandwich shop within a few steps from the lab, known as Au Bon Pain. In the Union, we have pizza, pasta, taco bowls, and even a Starbucks – not to mention, there’s always a long line for Zen, everyone’s favorite make-your-own poké bowl and boba shop!

Crispy chicken ramen at Pizza and Parm
Make-your-own poké bowl and boba at Zen

My personal favorite, though, is Au Bon Pain. There are so many sandwich combos, and every one I’ve tried is absolutely delicious. And if you’re feeling up to it, leave some room for their baked stuffed potato soup!

Toasted chicken and avocado sandwich at Au Bon Pain

Today, the Union was closed, and as a last-minute change of plans Ms. Latus bought us pizza from Mad Mushroom. What do you think of pineapple on pizza? Everyone loves it at this table!

As for the last, most scrumptious meal of the day, we are headed back to Wiley dining hall. It’s pretty different every day here. We always have pasta and salads, but their classic menus are also quite a hit. I really enjoy eating and chatting with everyone at the table!

But that’s not all. On the weekends, we often go out to eat. So far, I’ve been to Basil Thai, which is good; Poké Hibachi, which is great; and Strings Ramen, which is excellent. We went there just this weekend – highly recommend their shoyu pork belly ramen!

Basil Thai
Strings Ramen

And for an extra treat, our favorite place is Mango Mango. It has a wide variety of (not necessarily mango-themed) ice creams and dessert plates. Just look at how beautiful they are!

If you like boba, you’ll love Tsaocaa Tea!

But just as they say, there’s no place like home: this past weekend several of our own classmates have revealed themselves to be talented chefs! Here is a vlog from the Sizzling Steak Preparing contest held last Friday…

…and another from the Sensational Simmering Pasta contest held on Sunday!

If you ever stop by the Purdue campus, definitely try all these great places! Hope you all enjoyed~

[Photo credits: Abby and Rachel]