Day 17 @ SSP Purdue – Our “Goat”ed Field Trip

Creator: Sophie T.

Today we had a field trip!

First we went to Inari, a private company that deals with pioneering research in the field of gene editing. We connected what we learned in class about plasmids and transformation to Inari’s work! We also saw a bunch of other epic research that they’re doing which I legally cannot disclose in this blog post.

So, (for legal reasons,) here’s a picture of Inari’s front door!

After visiting Inari, we traversed the bountiful and lavish zoo next to a baseball stadium. The goat pen was a fan-favorite among SSPers. In addition to tickling baby goats, we saw emus,  South African penguins, and spider monkeys!

We topped off our field trip by watching a baseball game (go Aviators!). The concession stand’s nachos were disappointing, but we all had fun doing the Cotton Eye Joe and trying to get on the jumbotron nonetheless.