Day 27 @ SSP Purdue – Statistical Survey Program

Creator: Grant K.

By now at SSP, we all know each other quite well— at least on an individual level. However, it’s also important to look at the bigger picture, so this week, I took an anonymous survey of the SSP participants.

The first interesting thing shown by the survey is that, mysteriously, there are nine extra participants at SSP. We thought there were only 36 participants, but there were 45 responses, and, of course, you can’t deny the statistics provided by this flawless survey. Since none of us have ever seen these participants, they must have gotten lost on their first day, so hopefully we can find them and get them caught up on the four weeks of lab work they missed.

Now, let’s get into the survey results. First, I asked what branch of science people liked best. It turns out that more SSP participants like chemistry best (46.6%)* than biology (33.3%). Despite the fact that we are at SSP biochemistry, 11.1% of participants reported liking physics best. Maybe those were some of the participants that got lost on the first day.

*I made the executive decision to interpret “Chmestiry” as “Chemistry,” so that response was counted towards the 46.6%.

The main types of academic activities at SSP are labs, lectures, and class activities. Labs were a very clear favorite (73.3%). Not many people seem to enjoy the class activities.

When asked what their favorite lab activities were, the most common response was gel electrophoresis, but assays came in as a close second. Of course, none of the labs or any other parts of SSP would be the same without our wonderful faculty. According to the survey, Paige was the most popular staff member with 22.2% of the vote, followed by Dr. Das with 17.8% of the vote, Austin with 15.6% of the vote, and a tie for fourth place between Dr. M and the nurse, each with 13.3% of the vote.

As for the second most popular activity (lectures), we have been in a variety of locations ranging from the Armory on the first few days (featuring no AC and loud construction noises) to the Chemistry Building on the Fourth of July when we were locked out of all other lecture buildings. The overwhelming favorite location, however, was the Lawson Computer Science Building, and the Armory unfortunately received only one vote.

It is important to note that these results might not accurately represent people’s experiences seeing as some people are not always awake for the full lecture. In fact, over half of participants report having fallen asleep in at least one lecture, and 11.1% report having fallen asleep 7 or more times in lectures.

Not only do participants often sleep during lectures, but they also tend to sleep late into the mornings on Sundays. The survey results revealed an average Sunday wakeup time of 9:47 AM. The earliest wakeup time reported was 12:00 AM, and the latest wakeup time reported was 11:00 PM. With such extreme variability in sleep schedules, one might expect a great deal of conflict between roommates, but when asked to rate their roommates on a 1-10 scale, the average rating was 8.1, and only 5 participants rated their roommates below a 4. In fact, participants were overall happier with their roommates than with their lab groups, which received an average rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Sundays are not the only day people like to sleep in; in fact, many participants do not wake up in time to get breakfast before heading to a lecture or the lab. Only 13.3% of participants reported getting breakfast every day, and 42.2% of participants reported never getting breakfast.

For lunch, there are many on-campus options for participants to choose from, but Au Bon Pain was by far the favorite, with 42.2% of participants selecting it.

On weekends, the extended boundaries allow us to leave campus and eat at a variety of West Lafayette restaurants. Strings Ramen was the favorite with 40.0% of the vote.

Field trips are a relaxing break from academic work in the middle of each week, and the survey shows that Turkey Run was the favorite destination with 37.8% of the vote.

The survey concluded with some open-ended questions, and I included some of the most notable responses to each below.

What has been your favorite part of SSP so far?

“Meetings lots of super smart people who are also fun to hang out with”

“The lab & pipetting”

“Cooking in the kitchen with friends”

“Tea time”

“Late night assays with music and dancing”

“Spikeball in the rain”

“I like stealing food from Yujie and Allen and also Grant’s name tags are nice.”

What has been your least favorite part of SSP so far?

“My sleep schedule”

“Experiments not going as planned”

“The baseball game”

“When that homeless man pretended I was in the plot of Nope and tried following me back onto campus”

“Late night assignments sans music and dancing”

“Waking up at 7 AM”

“Repeating the Bradford Assay 5 times and getting inconsistent results in all of them :)”

What has been the funniest moment of SSP so far?

“Getting lost for 30 minutes on the first day”

“Everyone dancing with the gel shaker machine.”

“Justin’s blog post drawings”

“When Aberam did two finger push ups on the lab floor”

“The dropped Reese’s cup that defied the laws of physics”

“Kat doing the worm”


What is one time when you have violated the rules and gotten away with it?

“Not dressing up for dinner like a bunch of times.”

“I don’t think I have but I did shower on another floor the other day”

“The curfew”

“I steal small lab equipment each day so that no one will notice, then resell the supplies on eBay to make money”

“I killed a TA”

“Well I jaywalk on a daily basis”

Any other comments that you would like to see in the blog post?

“Grant Kenamond is an absolute beast”

“Master mix”

“Grant is a silly little guy”

“I’m glad I met the friends I’ve made here and I enjoy eating with them.”

“Shoutout to Nirbaan ‘Nirbeta’ Maken”

“Please don’t tell I went to McDonalds late at night”

“What do people want for the last blog of SSP?”