Day 29 @ SSP Purdue – Last Day of Wet Lab

Creator: Aberam S.

Lab begins promptly at 8, with the goal of constructing an IC50 curve for our two best inhibitors based on our previous analyses.

Dr. Das had to explain some extremely sophisticated enzyme kinetics to Nirbeta Maken

Lunch at Au Bon Pain had two cohorts:

The social cohort
The pariahs. Observe as Andrew attempts adroitly to switch focus towards the camera after looking at his phone while Saketh does not bother

Kieran stares longingly through the glass as he waits for his long-awaited Spicy Tuna Melt, even though the jalapenos make him blow up the toilet the next day
My groupmate Harika carefully and expertly pipettes 14 uL of diluted CDC14 enzyme into a reaction well
Everyone working super hard during lab and not looking bored at all

The dinner food was mid at best but the dinner conversation was great

Liam and Jones decided it would be a good idea to make floats out of blue ice cream and water, and blue ice cream and Powerade, respectively. The former is pictured on the left, the latter on the right. 

For some reason, Liam was compelled to consume almost all of his concoction.

A close up of the Powerade-ice cream mix after Jones decided it was a good idea to stir it. It looks like vomit suspended in a Powerade solution.
Kieran stares at the camera as Andrew giggles foolishly at something on his phone while Nirbeta looks on (shoutout Nirbeta’s dad)

We played Hangman with the guidance of Group 4 (Evelyn, Conan, Saketh), with Team 3 (Groups 9-12), my team, absolutely demolishing the competition thanks to some quick thinking from, to name a few people, Nirbeta, Kat, and Georgia

Today was the last day of the wet lab portion of SSP. I feel slightly happy because they were really long hours and sometimes frustrating but also sad, because the wet lab was really quite fun. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end.