Day 34 @ SSP Purdue – SSP But in Polaroids + Goofy Talentshow

Creator: Nikhil O.

Ever since I first put my name down on the blog spreadsheet, I’ve sort of had an idea of what I wanted to write about. This past year for Christmas, my sister and my mom gave me one of my favorite gifts in recent years: a fujifilm instax polaroid camera. The camera came with 50 pieces of film, but I blew through that stock pretty quickly. Before coming here however, I made sure to bring at least 40 pictures with me to record any moments I really enjoyed. Below this, you will see all of the polaroids I have taken while I’ve been here (whether they developed well or not 😔).

This polaroid of Nirbaan (nirbeta, nirbiddy, nirbot) and Kieran was taken at Turkey Run. This was our chance to meet up with some of the IU Biochem and Genomics kids. Although they weren’t as cool as us, they were still very fun to hang out with.
These two polaroids of Selin and Sophia are also from Turkey Run. The first one is both of them on the way to the waterfall seen in the second picture. The second photo pictures them with their mouths open like a little kid trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue 😜. Seeing the waterfall was our reward after this small 2-mile hike
This set of polaroids was taken at the Columbian Park Zoo’s goat section. Petting and sitting with over 20 goats was definitely an experience I will never forget. Of the three, my favorite is definitely Saketh (Sakiki) smiling while a goat sleeping in his lap. Lowkey top 3 SSP moment.
These two photos were also taken from the Columbian Park Zoo, except in the groundhog section. This section had super cute holes where humans could crawl through and see how the groundhogs traveled underground. In the first photo, we have Gaston, who I am proud to say is my only friend in the Southern Hemisphere ! In the second photo, we have Abby and Dr. M, two people who have positively affected my SSP experience! 😀
This polaroid of Georgia (Texas resident 🤢) was taken at the Dunes. Although the beach rained out and we had to leave early, eating lunch on the beach and touching water for the first time in four weeks was a great experience. I will never take the Jersey Shore and the beach for granted again.
These three polaroids were taken very recently and they were all from our trip to the Indy children’s museum. Touring through all of the exhibits brought out my inner child, especially the minecraft exhibit. The third picture is from the bus ride back, and honestly I’m not too sure why it didn’t develop too well. It’s probably due to the fact that I moved it around too much in my pocket after I took it.

Ok so now with all of my polaroids out of the way, let me show some pictures from what I did today. In the morning, we went to greyhouse, which is a local cafe, to do work.

Today was also the talent show, which was amazing. The acts ranged from well done music performances to rap battles.

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed!