Day 7 @ SSP Purdue – A Day in the Life: SSP Weekend

Creator: Nirbaan M.

Game: In one of these pictures, there is a hidden word. Whoever comes up to me and guesses the word will receive a grand prize of 1 dollar. You only get one hint.

Hint: It is in the air and can’t be seen, but it’s not oxygen.

Rules: You must point out the word in the picture if you want to receive the money. You can use the hint to guide you in your search.

Journal Entry 6/25/23:

Today was the first Sunday of SSP and the second day of no assignments! Last night was a grueling 2 hours of intense basketball and I think I lost my voice from screaming. We have been playing basketball so much that we might as well join the NBA. We challenge any other summer program or SSP campus to play us in basketball. Anyway, here is “A Day in the Life” of SSP on the weekend.

9:00 am

I hate that disgusting alarm sound. It’s like a dagger just repeatedly piercing my soul… Anyway, after dragging myself out of bed, I rushed downstairs to claim the bathroom as my territory. After showering, we all hung out in the common area discussing our food plan for the day. We also discussed the idea of changing the name of the program to summer eating camp.

(Exquisite gentlemen partaking in an engaging discussion)

11:00 am:

We all headed down to starbucks. The Purdue campus looks so beautiful in the morning with the old brick buildings and bright greenery. A lot of the main eating areas are located in the Union, a very large ancient looking building.

After arriving at Starbucks, we all ordered our breakfast and drinks. I always go with the iced vanilla latte with oat milk. (Oat milk > any other liquid).

12:00 pm

At around 12, Ms. Latus brought us sandwiches from Jimmy Johns. I’ve never heard of this place before but the sandwiches were pretty good. After eating sandwiches, we all took a stroll to the library to catch up on some work. Even though we had nothing due tonight, we had to feel a little productive. Some of us tried to get ahead on next week’s work, others stared at their computers blankly, and a few of us played

(Saketh pretending to do work)
(This is an educational game)

After typing 6 words, we all desperately needed a break and went for some frozen yogurt. Why in the world would you ever put kiwis on top of nutella ice cream????

2:00 pm:

2 pm was kind of a blur. We were also really wet from running in the fountains. I’m just gonna skip ahead.

4:00 pm:

At around 4, we all started to make bracelets out of little beads.

We were all hard at work, trying to write SSP and PURDUE on our colorful bracelets. Unfortunately, all the S’s ran out but life moves on.

(Nikhil’s bracelets)

While embracing our artistic talents, Kieran was kind enough to play some 90s music. He still wouldn’t let me forget about the small mixup I made.

I swear to god Kieran, Led Zeppelin and Zedd Leplin sound incredibly similar.

6:00 pm:

At around 6, we all headed out in our fancy clothes to dinner.

(Note to SSP: we did not drive the cart)

At dinner, we had some Indian food and talked about interesting stories. We all decided to take our SSP research, patent it, and start a multi trillion dollar company. Thanks for the idea Dr. Das 🙂

8:00 pm:

At 8 pm, we all gathered for a reception after the guest speakers presentation. Amanda Sickafoose, the guest speaker, talked about her work in the field of astronomy, research, and educational background.

During the reception, we all hurried to drink the pineapple mango juice (i think?) and eat the brownies.

10:00 pm

Overall, today was a very eventful day, showing that SSP is not just the summer science program. It extends beyond science in so many ways:

(Credit: Abby and Rachel)

I definitely went to sleep at 10 pm and did not stay up 🙂

(Train man says bye)