Across the SSPider-Verse: Dibo’s June 25th Blog

I never expected to start so many of my days at SSP with a Cheese Quesadilla. Figuratively speaking, sure, my days start when my alarm blares through the dorm room to wake me up in time for morning lecture. However, when that clock strikes twelve and marks the technical start of the next day, I’m most likely embarking on yet another late-night Cosmic Cantina run. Today was no different in that sense. When midnight arrived, I was seated in my rightful place, munching on my meal. Now if you’re thinking, what a lame way to start the day, you clearly haven’t seen the pure joy that Cosmic can bring.

Feeling content, I returned to Philip’s Hall to finish up my OD CODE pset. Even though it has been difficult adjusting to the level of programming that we do here, it’s been so rewarding to learn and understand the concepts throughout this process. The friends that I’ve made here have been so supportive in answering my questions and entertaining my ideas, and I’m so thankful to them for allowing me to grow in such a great environment. After lots and lots of debugging, I was able to turn in my work and call it a night. 

*Figurative Start of My Day*

MILES MORALES DAY! I woke up with a start at the realization that I would finally be watching the cinematic masterpiece that is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. As per Delano’s instruction, I met up with everyone to walk to the bus stop on Franklin street, and we boarded the bus like naive little lambs to the slaughter. 

I was peacefully eating my Clif Bar (these have been functioning as my breakfast ever since I resigned to the idea that an extra hour of sleep was better than anything Chase could possibly serve) when Ploof came to the realization that the bus we were on was going in circles. Blinded by our excitement and our trust in Delano, we had gotten on the wrong bus! Feeling defeated, we found ourselves right back at Franklin Street. Regardless of the distances we had traveled and the distress we endured, our displacement was unfortunately zero.  

However, have no fear, SSP’ers are nothing if not resilient! We boarded the next bus, “D FOR DELANO”, and made it to the movie just in time.


This movie was absolutely beautiful, both visually and conceptually, and I can’t wait to watch it again. I laughed, I cried, and I felt so so SEEN. On the bus-ride back, I was surprised to find a spider-bite on my foot that fed my escapist delusions, and I’m eagerly awaiting the development of my own spider-sona (nothing you can say will change my mind, I simply am Spider-Woman). Today was incredible, and if we truly exist within a multi-verse, I’m glad to have been put right where I am. <3

Hi! I’m Dibo, a rising-senior from Northern Virginia, and I’m so excited to be at SSP! I enjoy singing as well as song-writing, and I have a passion for literature and the humanities. However, I’m absolutely enthralled by the power of math and physics to explain and help us understand the world in which we reside. I’m excited to explore how my various passions can support and reinforce each other 🙂