Doomsday: Jasmine’s July 15th Blog

I woke up with hope this morning. I really did. It was 8:30 AM when I woke up (much thanks to Anna’s alarm; I’d still be asleep now if it didn’t go off) and got ready for morning lecture, happily knowing that it was Saturday. However, my optimism and the feeling of being newly 17 quickly fizzled out after realizing that it was not just any Saturday: our group’s OD report was due today, and there were many hours of work ahead of us.

Before that, though, we had a morning lecture taught by Dr. H. It was his last lecture of the program, and we finished up learning about general relativity. This lecture series was especially interesting because I’d never learned about the topic before.

There came a reprieve when we were allowed to experience a brief excursion to Franklin Street: the last of the program. After a short trip to Target where I bought things that would hold me out for the next couple days until departure day, we went to get bubble tea.

As for our report, my research group, the Benedicts, is working hard on it and we’re starting to finish up most of its sections.

As shown above, there are approximately 5 hours until doom (the time our OD reports are due). However, despite this looming threat, I’m confident all groups will be able to submit theirs on time.

Hi, I’m Jasmine Xu and I’m from Mequon, Wisconsin. I’ve really enjoyed SSP so far because it’s given me the opportunity to learn about new subjects, like astronomy. Outside of academics, I like to read, play the cello and piano, and learn about new STEM topics.