Elmo Slide

Today is a Saturday. In any normal circumstance it means I’m able to sleep in and relax, especially after staying up late playing foosball with my roommate Ben, but sadly I have to wake up early, shower, and eat breakfast because I have to attend lecture today. Lectures are one of the most boring interesting parts about SSP, I feel like I learn nothing new, everything I learn is so mind blowing!

After finishing lecture, I ran out of the classroom to get lunch. The food here at CU Boulder is surprisingly good, at least compared to other colleges. After finishing lunch, Ben, Charlotte and I, began our quest to find a fourth person to play spikeball with. See, my preppy roommate (which I don’t know why he was paired as my roommate) got a pink “limited edition” Dunkin’ Donuts spikeball, because everyone else is lame and was in the computer lab doing work. After advertising spikeball to basically the whole campus, we recruited Anoushka to play with us and had the best time out of all of SSP.

One of the amazing things about Boulder is that it’s right next to the Rockies, therefore, our group planned to go to one of the highest points of the mountains, in basically the middle of nowhere. I cried so many tears because I had no signal almost the whole way there. We had left early in order to hike around the mountain before going to the dark sky site. There I found out the best song in the world, Elmo Slide, while my group and I were busy getting lost in the woods. Who knows maybe we were gonna become part of those cool true crime stories. Sadly, that didn’t happen and instead we had to walk back into the bus in a conga line singing Elmo Slide.

Arriving at the dark sky site, I realized that stars actually exist. Back in Chicago the only thing I ever saw in the sky was the moon, and UFO’s but that’s a story for another time. It was really pretty but the better part was having half of SSP get in a circle and dance to Dragos’s amazing Romanian music. Overall, today was a great day, mainly because I didn’t do work.


Hi I’m Jesus (not that one)