Emma’s July 6th Blog

The day started off just as any other: morning lectures featuring fancy space physics and naps. We learned about particle colliders, and electrons, and binding energy, oh my!

During lunch break, I hung out with Joy and Nhan in the library. We saw an aesthetic little museum and rediscovered our propensity for the performing arts. Observe:

To finish off the night, our research team, Space Eggs, went to the telescope for the third night in a row, finishing up observations at 1am. After the booming Fourth of July fireworks scared away our asteroid, it resurfaced crawling at a whopping 1 arcsec/hour. Luckily the sky was clear and we were able to spot the camera-shy little rock. See awesome low quality pictures of telescope below:

About me:

Hi, this is Emma from Ohio (and whatever you’re thinking, yes, only in Ohio). My hobbies include drawing and playing piano. At SSP, you will see me stressing and depressing over the problem sets 90% of the time, staring at the sky 5% of the time, and sleeping 1% of the time. Don’t worry, the math is mathing because time is relative.