End of a story, beginning of many others – Shravani D.

Last full day of SSP!
I have too many thoughts right now to write down but here is a scrambled mess of bits and pieces of all
the emotions I felt today. I woke up all panicked this morning, wondering how long I have to get ready
and speed walk to ABE. We discussed how we can improve the experience for future SSP participants.
Eemah gave us an amazing lecture about her journey in research, which was also filled to the brim with
the cutest photos of her dog 🙂

We then proceeded to the last lunch at the Memorial Union. Bittersweet just like my coffee 🙂

As the after lunch drowsiness set in, we completed a few more surveys and made sure our laptops didn’t have any of that embarrassing history left. After that, wewalked back half crying and singing Photograph by Ed Sheeran to our dorms to change for the final moments.

After one last dinner at Wiley’s, we started our closing ceremony with a group photoshoot, posing with
the iconic “DO NOT COME”. And just like that it hit me that we were almost done- the 39 days just flew

We decided on pulling an all nighter together and gathered in the Great Hall and enjoyed our last night
together- camping out in the rain, karaoke, late night volleyball and frisbee, and talking our hearts out.

I connected with these people in a way I didn’t know was possible. Girlies, I wish our paths cross
someday. I love you guys so much and I’m grateful I got to spend these 6 weeks with y’all.

I started out very confused and lost but here I am, on the flight back home- having a mini sob session
watching the video created by our TAs.

Love you Helen, Sunita, Logan, and Emma! <3

About me:

I’m Shravani Dhawane from Nagpur, India and when I’m not busy procrastinating, you can find me
reading, cooking, or vibing to yet another playlist (if you’re reading this, please send some song recs