ENDs and ANDs | Ardıl T.

It is almost the end… What I feel right now is literally the definition of being both happy and sad at the same time. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to take part in this phenomenal program, learn so much about biochemistry and make so many new friends! I was always thinking that “the educational experience of a lifetime” was a huge exaggeration, and I came to realize that it is actually not true and this phrase should be revised: “the best experience of a lifetime” because you not only have an excellent scientific experience, but you also meet so many people just like you and so different from you at the same time, including your mates and the faculty !! — so hard to explain 🙂  

Anyways, today we reviewed our papers with the feedback we got from our dear faculty and TAs. When we went to our breakout rooms, we started just like the usual: sharing time! It became our tradition to share our personal experiences with each other in the beginning of our sessions. Even though it sometimes takes too long and takes up from our working time, it is definitely worth it. Then comes the python activity or should I say AVALON?? Between writing every line of code, I was also busy accusing people in Avalon to get Percival Meta to work — multitasking at its best, and Percival Meta actually worked for the first time, yay! 

 One other thing was the host crisis. Without having any faculty or TAs, it was so weird to be left alone by ourselves — thanks to Laney who fell asleep. After that, it was the first time that Dr. Hall made a bad choice: assigning Kate as the host! By abusing her power, she showed us the dark side of ENTJs… I was carried off from my breakout room to the dear East Coasters’ room so much that they started expecting me to come like a routine. Right after the productive, no-Avalon TA block we had, we concluded this beautiful day. Lastly, I would like to close my blog post with some Turkish phrases. I am not gonna translate them, so you can go and use the translator 🙂

Yoğun ve eğlenceli bir programın sonuna geldik. Aynı anda hem mutlu hem de üzgün hissediyorum, anlatması çok zor ancak diğer tüm arkadaşlarımın da aynı şekilde hissettiğine eminim. Lafı daha fazla uzatmadan başta bütün arkadaşlarım, değerli profesörlerimiz ve asistanlarımız olmak üzere bu eşsiz programda emeği geçen bütün herkese çok teşekkür ediyor ve hepinizle tekrardan karşılaşmayı umuyorum. Hepinizi çok özleyeceğim.