Every Dog Has Its (Sun)day…

My day started early today. Breakfast at 8:00 and computer lab at 8:30 to get some work done, since yesterday I was sleeping the whole day. But anyway, let’s go to the fun part of the day. Today is Sunday and this means only one thing… extended boundaries!! Almost the whole biochem team went for a Chinese barbecue at 2. It was actually the first time I was going to try Chinese food and I was so excited! The food indeed was delicious, but I think the following quotes from the rest of the participants will describe it better than I could.

Cory – I love potstickers

Eric – I can actually eat it 

Nathan – Good

Ritvik – Definitely worth it

Phillip – 10/10 

Shelby – Green onion pancakes are good stuff 

Aniyah – I can finally send pictures back to my parents when they send me pictures of their food 

Xuan – It reminds me of home 

Alina – Michelle can’t eat spicy food 

Michelle – My mouth is on fire but it was worth it

Kyra – Yay buns

Della – dumplings >>

After lunch we went for our weekly shopping at Target, however today we didn’t buy the usual stuff. Today’s list was : aluminum foil, bowls and hair dyes. Let’s see how this went!

After a quick nap and after dinner it was finally time to start! We had three different colours, red, blue and brown. The whole procedure was so funny, but we still haven’t seen the results. The truth is that I can’t wait to see Dr Hall’s and Dr Das’s reaction tomorrow, as well as the TA’s reactions! 

That’s it for today. A very interesting day, with lots of fun and new experiences! I am still hearing the guys saying “It worked, it worked!” while I am writing this. 

SSP is one of the most unique experiences in my life and I am so grateful for that opportunity. The people I met here and the memories we created together will always be a big part of who I am. I can’t believe that we have only 10 days left… I will miss you guys!!!

Greetings! I‘m Dimitra, a rising senior from Greece. I love playing volleyball (I guess all SSPiers have understood that), cooking and reading poetry. I am really passionate about science and I like being involved in many projects.