Finding Magic and Laughter at SSP

Author: Jenny F.

I think I’ve spent just as much time laughing as I have doing work during W/P blocks. No seriously, I think SSP has done something to me, because even though I have a naturally smiley nature, this is probably the most I’ve ever laughed in a long time, and probably the most fun I’ve had doing seemingly impossible problems. Actually, it’s probably the magic of the people at SSP 🙂 Point is, SSP has been such a magical and immersive experience, and I’m here for every moment of it.

Working hard or hardly working? ft. Leavenly Procrastibakers Grant and Gerry during W/P block

Today marks the start of the third week of SSP, and we started off with our social hour doing group crosswords. I’ve never felt more useless, but it was fun nonetheless. We then had a writing workshop with Dr. Gillian Anderson and got a sneak peak of what not to do on our OD reports. We ended with a mindboggling vectors session with Dr. Rengstorf, and I could barely keep up with the equation manipulation wizardry but I think I got it in the end. I did, however, enjoy his wonderful diagram of the whole process to our OD report. Gerry also had a great time stalking Grant and I on the interwebs. 

Dr. R’s wonderful diagram of what we will do 😀

During the 3 hour break, I took a nap, took a walk, practiced clarinet, and contemplated my life. And just in time, W/P block came to save me from an existential crisis. As usual I headed to my team’s breakout room, and we were soon joined by Katrina and Umran, as well as Juwan in the middle. Together, we struggled through Astro Pset 5, which was due tonight and I hadn’t started until the W/P block. But that was fine because we had an amazing team, and we had a wonderful time not really knowing what we were doing but doing something nonetheless until we somehow end up at something that makes sense. The feeling of solving one problem on a pset is so unreal that it makes the confusion and hours of headbanging worth it. I had a great laughing fit in the middle, which my fellow team members will know is quite usual, but is it really my fault when they’re being so ridiculous? 

The awful equation from Astro Pset 5 that I dumped into Desmos and just peaced out on it 😉

To end the day, after W/P block we hopped onto Discord to finish the last problem we were struggling on, and then just chitchatted all the way through midnight as I wrote up my Pset and wrote this blogpost. I very much appreciate Grant and Gerry for keeping me company 🙂 So to sum all of this up, SSP is like no other place with the way that it makes doing hard things fun. And to all my fellow SSPeers, I love you all so much <3

Leavenly Procrastibakers series 1/3:

Hi, I’m Jenny! I’m from New Jersey and I play the clarinet, make origami, listen to music, contemplate life, and overthink everything. I also love cute things and animals, and as you can tell, I love smiling and having a great time with other people 🙂