Fourth of July at SSP

Just as in our country’s history, this Fourth of July was a day of struggle, perseverance, and community building for us SSPers. 🇺🇸

SSP would not be SSP if the participants did not encounter some form of daily hurdle. Today started out with no breakfast, a tragedy which left certain lab group members a bit fussy. 😂  Another hardship has been found with a fierce battle for seats in the computer lab, complete with alliances and mild extortion. 🤣

Even so, the resilience of SSPers is truly unmatched. Today’s lab was filled with not just a few difficulties, but I’m proud to say that my dear SSPers handled it like champs. Despite various missteps and the resounding agreement that lab work is truly hard, we all practiced excellent teamwork and found success in various ways. ❤️

Of most importance, however, is the strong sense of community at SSP. SSP participants and admin alike come together to build a strong and caring community. Today this was evident through Dr. Das’ birthday celebration (Happy Birthday, again 🥳) and watching the Fourth of July fireworks together from the top of a parking garage. 🎇🎆 Each day brings new chances to enjoy novel experiences and become a closer knit group, opportunities I’m genuinely grateful for. ❤️

Some of my dear SSPers in the lab
Dr. Das’ birthday celebration
Some fireworks from the parking garage

Hi there! I’m Shelby, a rising senior from St. Francis Catholic High School in Sacramento, CA (we take pride in being the Ladybird movie high school). In my free time, I walk my dogs, read, cook with my family, watch TV/movies, and volunteer for the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.