Funday Sunday

I woke up and went to run with running shoes in the streets and I saw a geese. I listen to a metronome while running to keep running at a constant cadence. Then I ate not c4c breakfast and went to target in Ms. Doyles car that she drove to target. I bought tide pods and made jokes. I bought earbuds because I put my old ones in the washer. I learned what a Tide Pod is and how to use it in the washing machine because last time I used Gilbert’s stuffpods. I thought about cleaning my water bottle with tide pods. Laundry detergent and dish soap are different. Ms. Doyle drove a car with me in it back to Arnett Hall. I did ping pong with Hrishabh for a long time and then I ate lunch after going to C4C by walking to C4C.

I walked to the Rec center with a lot of SSP kids that were also walking to the Rec center. It was a long walk that took a lot of time to walk to the rec center. After we walked to the rec center that took a lot of time to walk to, we played basketball and Tyler did a lot of baskets even though we were playing 5 v 2 where Tyler was on the team with 2 players. We abandoned Tyler and rented tennis rackets and bought tennis balls and went to the roof to play tennis.  The tennis balls were hit by the SSP kids off the roof because they are very inclined to hit the ball hard and high like baseball tennis which isn’t the game we were playing which is tennis so now they all owe me money since I bought the balls. Halfway through, I went downstairs with Tyler to see the indoor track which was really weird since the floor was made out of slippery stuff not track material or rubber and 1 laps were a mile which is really odd.

Then we ate dinner at center 4 community which we walked to with SSP kids and TAs and teachers. We watched Inception which was about dreams but I didn’t watch it because I am a not movie enjoyer who doesn’t like watching long videos that are movies. Then my phone ran out of battery so I charged it with a charger.


I am Matthew Z. and I am in SSP. Matthew V. is not me who is tall Matthew. I like astrophysics and I like Psets because they are good tests of whether I understand the material in lecture or not.